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Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are neutral and sweet. They're good for your stomach.

How to Use Shiitake Mushrooms:

  1. For Stomach Issues: Boil shiitake mushrooms in water until it turns yellowish. Sip the liquid to help with upset stomach from bad food choices. Don't eat the mushrooms, just drink the liquid.

  2. For Cough: Add some sugar or honey to the yellowish shiitake mushroom soup. Sip it to soothe your throat.

  3. For Fish Poisoning: Make shiitake mushroom soup or dissolve shiitake mushroom powder in hot water. Drink it like tea to help your body after eating bad fish.

  4. For Urinary Issues: If you're having trouble peeing or see blood, bake some shiitake mushrooms until the surface looks a bit burnt. Eat 10g twice a day or eat them fresh.

Did You Know?

  • In animal studies, shiitake mushrooms were found to lower blood fat levels.

  • Recent reports suggest that shiitake mushrooms can help manage cholesterol levels.


Shiitake mushrooms have a special place in Chinese culture and are believed to support stomach health and more. They mainly come from Japan. You can cook them alone or with other veggies. But don't add too much soy sauce or salt; it can make them taste bad.

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