Sour Plum

Sour Plum


Sour plums are known to have a neutral quality and an extremely sour taste. They are noted for their constrictive and obstructive nature, their ability to produce fluids, and their potential impact on the liver by destroying worms.


Sour plums can be incorporated into various preparations for different benefits:

  • For Thirst Relief and Gastric Issues: Eating 2 fresh sour plums or crushing a fresh sour plum, mixed with sugar and a little salt, can be made into tea. Drinking this tea may provide relief for thirst arising from fever and poor appetite due to a shortage of gastric acid.

  • For Preserved Sour Plums (Beneficial for Diarrhea): To prepare preserved sour plums, put ripe fresh sour plums in a large earthenware container. Add salt and marinate until the plums become so soft that juice begins to flow out. This preparation is considered good for checking diarrhea.


Sour plums hold a significant place in the realm of Chinese medicine. Their unique taste and multifaceted applications have made them a sought-after component for various preparations. Whether consumed fresh or preserved, their potential benefits may support different aspects of well-being. Always consult with a qualified practitioner to determine the best way to include sour plums in your individual wellness plan.

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