Good for Many Things

Squash is a warm and sweet food. It helps with soreness and makes pain go away. It's good for the part of your body called the spleen and the stomach.

How Squash Can Help

People have found different ways to use squash for health. Here's how:

  1. Opium Addiction: Drinking fresh squash juice often can help people who are trying to stop using opium.

  2. Lung Problems: If you have certain lung issues, cooking about two cups of squash with a little less than half a pound of beef without salt or oil can help. Eating this mix can make you feel better.

  3. Burns: You can put fresh squash juice on a burn to help it heal.

  4. Worms: Eating about two cups of fresh squash, then taking something that helps you go to the bathroom 2 hours later, once a day for two days, can help get rid of worms in your body. This worked for some people in a study.

  5. Other Uses for Squash Parts:

    • Seeds: Some people take the shells off 20g of squash seeds (a small handful), wrap them in cloth, and crush them. Mixing this with water or a little soy sauce or sugar, and drinking it in the morning and evening for a few days, can help with milk production after having a baby. But it has to be the raw seeds.
    • Leaves: Boiling 10 squash leaves with a little salt, then drinking it like tea twice a day, can make your stomach feel better if you have a bad bellyache called dysentery.
    • Flowers: Boiling squash flowers to drink as tea might help with yellow skin and coughing.

A Note of Caution

Squash is not good for everyone. If you have problems with chest tightness or holding onto too much water in your body, you might want to stay away from squash.

In Conclusion

Squash is a helpful food for many things. It can be used in different ways to help with various conditions. Always ask someone who knows about health and food, like a doctor or a healer, if you have questions about using squash for your health. They'll know what's best for you.

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