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String Beans

String Beans

For Digestion and More

String beans, also known as green beans, are not just for salads! In Chinese medicine, they're thought to help with things like too much peeing and bad digestion.

How to Use String Beans:

  1. For Bathroom Trips: Boil 50g dried string beans in water. Have this as a soup once a day. This can help with peeing a lot and being very thirsty.

What's in String Beans:

  • These beans are good for your kidneys and spleen. Kidneys help you pee, and the spleen helps with digestion. So it's a double win!


  • Use dried string beans with their shells for the best effect.

String beans can be more than just a side dish. Give them a try and see how they might make you feel better. Always check with a health expert for advice that's just right for you.

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