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Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice

More Than Just a Dessert

You might think sweet rice is just for yummy dishes, but it's more! In Chinese medicine, sweet rice is thought to help you if you're sweating too much, peeing a lot, or having diarrhea.

How to Use Sweet Rice:

  1. For Sweating: Fry sweet rice with wheat bran. Grind it into powder. Mix 10g of this powder in warm water. Have it 3 times a day.

  2. For Health Boost: Cook 50g sweet rice, 60g Job's-tears, and 8 red dates. Eat this meal to help with tiredness and feeling weak.

  3. For Digestion: Boil sweet rice sprouts in water with malt. Drink this soup to help your belly feel better.

What's in Sweet Rice:

  • Sweet rice is warm and sweet. It's thought to help your spleen, stomach, and lungs.


  • Use sweet rice for these recipes. It's different from other kinds of rice.

So, give sweet rice a try. It could be your new go-to for feeling better. Always check with a health expert for personalized advice.

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