Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is much more than a tasty side dish. It is known for being good for stomach weaknesses and kidney weaknesses. Some even find it helpful for other personal health issues.

Description of Sweet Potato in Chinese Medicine: Sweet potatoes are neutral and sweet. They are often used to strengthen the spleen and boost energy. People also use them to nourish the kidneys.

How to Use Sweet Potato:

For Frostbite: If you have frostbite, you can make a special sweet potato soup and apply it to the area that hurts. Or you can hold the frostbitten area over the steam of boiling sweet potatoes. Both ways are said to help.

For the Common Cold: If you have a cold, you can bake a sweet potato until the outside is black and then grind it into powder. If you take a small spoonful of this powder in warm water, it might make you sweat and feel less feverish.

If a Child Swallows a Coin: Sometimes children swallow things they shouldn't, like coins. If this happens, you can feed the child a lot of boiled sweet potatoes all at once. This will coat the coin and help it to leave the body safely with the stool.

Conclusion: The sweet potato is a wonderful food that can do more than just fill your stomach. It's a natural way to support your body in different situations. Whether you're looking to strengthen your body or help with certain problems, the sweet potato might be worth trying. It's not just good food; it's food that can be good for you!

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