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Tangerine Orange Seeds

Tangerine Orange Seeds

Tangerine orange seeds can help your body's energy flow and ease pain. They are often used for issues like hernias and soreness in different areas. Remember, these tips aren't a replacement for seeing a healthcare professional.


  • For issues like hernia and sore testes:

    • Dry fry 20g of tangerine orange seeds without any oil.
    • Boil the seeds in wine.
    • Strain the liquid and drink.

    You can also boil orange seeds with litchi nut seeds and longan seeds in water, strain it, and drink the liquid.

  • For a reddened nose:

    • Dry fry tangerine orange seeds with no oil.
    • Grind them into a powder.
    • Grind a walnut into a powder and mix with some warm wine.

    Make a paste and gently apply it to the affected area.

Note: Always consult your healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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