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Walnuts are warm and sweet. In Chinese medicine, they are often used to support kidney health and help with smooth bowel movements. They also have a positive impact on your respiratory system, specifically the lungs.


  1. For Respiratory Issues:
    Steam 30g walnuts with 15g rock sugar and 6g radish seeds for 30 minutes. Enjoy this twice a day to support chronic asthma and coughs.

  2. For Throat and Digestive Issues:
    Slowly chew 90g of walnuts daily to help with sore throats, voice hoarseness, constipation, and stomach issues.

  3. For Headaches and Common Colds:
    Boil 15g walnuts with 15g fresh, crushed ginger. Sip this twice a day for relief from headaches, fever, and cold symptoms.

  4. For Weight Gain and Coughs:
    Steam 250g walnuts and persimmon cakes for 1 hour. Eat a third of the mixture three times a day for a month.

  5. For Kidney Support:
    Fry 30g walnuts and two sliced pork kidneys in a little lard. Have this hot at bedtime for three days.

  6. For Urinary Issues:
    Fry 120g walnuts in vegetable oil until crunchy. Mix with sugar and water to make a syrup. Consume within two days.

Clinical Report

For kidney and bladder stone concerns, fry 120g walnuts in vegetable oil until crunchy. Add sugar and grind to make a cream-like texture. Have this within 1-2 days. Many find that the size and texture of the stones change, often becoming smaller and softer. Always consult with healthcare providers for proper advice.

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