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Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut

Good for balancing blood sugar, aiding in yellow skin issues, easing urinary discomfort, soothing eye irritation, helping with throat discomfort, and managing high blood pressure.


  • Cool and sweet
  • Helps cool down heat in the body
  • Helps with stomach and digestion issues
  • Makes it easier to pee
  • Has a good effect on the lungs and stomach


  • For High Blood Pressure:
    Boil 5 water chestnuts with the peel of 1 fresh mandarin orange. Drink this like tea, 3 times a day.

  • For Throat and Mouth Issues:
    Peel 100g of water chestnuts. Slowly chew them in the morning and evening. You can also drink water chestnut juice for throat comfort and mouth issues.

  • For Stomach Issues:
    Prepare 500g of water chestnuts and wash them well. Dry them and place them in half a bottle of rice wine. Seal and wait a few days. Chew 2 water chestnuts and drink some of the rice wine, twice a day. This can help with stomach issues that have odd-looking stuff when you go to the bathroom.

  • For Blood Issues:
    Warm a glass of water chestnut juice and mix with 2 teaspoons of rice wine. Drink it to help with issues related to blood release, like in the case of swollen veins in your bottom.

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