Wax Gourd (Winter Gourd or Winter Melon)

Wax Gourd (Winter Gourd or Winter Melon)

A Chinese Medicine Insight

The Wax Gourd, also referred to as the Winter Gourd or Winter Melon, has long been cherished in Chinese medicine for various applications. It has been observed to be good for issues such as edema, beriberi, sunstroke, hemorrhoids, and alcoholism. Its unique characteristics lie in its cooling properties and sweet and light flavors.


This remarkable gourd is known to be cool, with sweet and light tastes. It has been used to detoxify the body, promote urination, and eliminate mucus. In Chinese medicine, it is considered to affect the lungs, bladder, and both small and large intestines.


Different methods of preparing the wax gourd can be applied for different benefits:

For Sunstroke and Thirst Relief: Drinking fresh wax gourd juice can provide relief from sunstroke and quench thirst.

For Edema Associated with Diminished Urination: Cooking around 3.5 ounces of dry wax gourd peel until it becomes syrup and consuming it in generous quantities each day may help with various types of edema.

For Other Applications: Boiling around 3.5 ounces of wax gourd over low heat and drinking it as soup, or baking a wax gourd until its skin appears charred, then consuming about 1 ounce each time, twice a day may be supportive. Regular consumption of cooked wax gourd can also be beneficial for promoting urination and bowel movements.


    Chinese wax gourd peel is commonly used in Chinese medicine. While it may be utilized similarly to the wax gourd itself, it is believed to have more pronounced effects.


    Wax Gourd is more than just a culinary delight; it holds a special place in Chinese medicine for its broad range of applications. From aiding in issues like sunstroke and edema to promoting urination, it exemplifies the depth and wisdom of Chinese medicine and its integration of natural elements for well-being. Whether consumed as juice, soup, or in its baked form, the wax gourd continues to be a valuable resource in the world of herbal knowledge.

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