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White Sugar

White Sugar

Good For:

  • Dry coughs
  • Thirst
  • Stomachaches

Description: White sugar has a neutral and sweet nature. It helps make your lungs feel good and adds fluids to your body. It also has an effect on the spleen.


  1. For Abdominal Tightness: Boil 3 spoonfuls of sugar in a glass of rice wine on low heat. Drink to feel better in your belly area.

  2. For Dry Coughs: Mix sugar with red dates. After eating, chew 2 red dates like you would chew gum to help with a dry cough.

  3. For Stomachaches and Bad Breath: Boil sugar in water until it turns into a thick syrup. This can help with stomachaches and bad breath from eating foods like fish, crabs, garlic, or onion.


  • You can also boil sugar to make rock sugar (rock candy). It has a neutral and sweet taste.
  • Rock sugar is often thought of as the best type of sugar in Chinese medicine. It's used a lot with other foods to make helpful recipes.
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