A Unique Remedy

Characteristics and Effects

Wine is described as warm and has sweet, bitter, and pungent flavors. It's known for its ability to promote blood circulation and expel cold energy. It also speeds up the effects of herbs and affects various organs, including the heart, liver, lungs, and stomach.

Preparation Methods

  • To alleviate diarrhea associated with cold symptoms, drinking a glass of wine can be beneficial.
  • Mixing honey with rice wine and drinking it has been used to alleviate itching sensations in women.
  • For symptoms like numbness, joint pain, rheumatic pain, neuralgia, and anemia, try frying about 2 cups of black soybeans until they begin to crack. Place them in an earthenware pot and pour 2 to 4 glasses of rice wine into the pot; let it cool, strain it, and drink a cupful twice a day.
  • Drinking a glass of hot rice wine or grape wine can be used to ease pain caused by external injuries.

Applications and Successes

In traditional practice, wine has been used to manage simple ailments such as diarrhea after childbirth. By boiling rice wine with brown sugar, practitioners have observed improvements and complete alleviation of symptoms in many individuals. This method has been known to work within a short time frame, with minimal side effects.


Chinese herbal therapy includes rice wine (also called yellow wine) and hot wine (also called white wine or fire wine). Yellow wine generally contains 10 to 20 percent alcohol, while white wine has a much higher alcohol level. White wine is often used to manufacture medicated herbal wine, while yellow wine is more suitable for drinking with Chinese meals.

While wine's uses are valued in Chinese medicine, it's important to be cautious as many people may have a tendency to become intoxicated when drinking wine, which can be more harmful than beneficial.

The use of wine in Chinese medicine serves as an example of how traditional practices can help with various symptoms and conditions. Always consult with a Chinese medicine professional to determine the appropriate use for your individual needs.

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