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Why Yams Are More Than Just Tasty:

People love yams for their sweet taste. But did you know they have other cool uses? In Chinese medicine, yams can help make your stomach strong, help you breathe easier, and help your kidneys work better.

How to Use Yams:

  • To help with long-lasting tummy troubles, mix yam powder with toasted sweet rice powder. Add some sugar and black pepper, then mix with warm water. Have this every morning.

  • For a tasty and healthy drink, boil some yam and ginseng together for about 30 minutes. Drink it like tea. Or make a yummy yam soup with some beef or pork.

What’s Inside Yams:

  • Yams are balanced and good for many parts of your body. They're great for your spleen, which helps your digestion, and your lungs, which help you breathe.

What to Remember:

  • Yams can be really helpful if you have tummy troubles that last a long time or if you're finding it hard to breathe.

  • They're also good if you have issues with going to the bathroom a lot.

So, when you're out shopping, think about adding some yams to your cart. They might help you feel better in more ways than you thought. But as always, you should talk to someone who knows about health to get advice that’s right for you.

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