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Yellow Soybeans

Yellow Soybeans

Yellow soybeans can help with swelling and easing discomfort. They can also help your body get rid of extra water, balance your inner heat, help your blood flow better, and support your internal organs.


Here's a simple recipe you might find helpful:

  • Boil 50g of yellow soybeans, 3g of dry coriander (or three green onion tops), and three slices of radish.
  • Drink this soup with your meals.


Yellow soybeans are often called the king of beans. They have about 40% protein, which is really close to what you find in meat. Some people even call them "vegetable meat" or "green beef."

Also, they have 18% to 20% good fats. These fats are better for you than the ones in meat because they don't have any cholesterol.

Remember, it's always a good idea to chat with a healthcare expert before making any big changes to your health routine.

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